Family Time on Scortons Creek

In an attempt to salvage our only family vacation this year, we decided to spend a beautiful day on Scorton’s Creek, in Sandwich. We had just returned from a horrible couple of days at Lake Winnepesaukee. After upgrading our room to a waterfront view, it proceeded to downpour for our entire visit. The day after we returned home proved to be a warm, sunny summer day. Steve and i pooled our thoughts and both decided to head south and spend a lazy day on the river. Brenna and Steve had done this a couple of time before, and they always had a great time. It was our best decision of the week.
This was to be Molly’s first trip in the ET Bugaboo. She was a little leery of getting into this thing and floating down the river. After a few minutes of squirming, she was able to relax and enjoy the ride. This trip was scheduled around the tides of course, so we had a time constraint to work with.
As we rowed up stream we were all amused by the other kids and families making their way down stream. Large tubes seemed to be the transportation of choice. One group of about 6 girls attempted to hold on to 1 tube and make their way down river. At this point, the tide was almost low enough to walk the entire way.
We found “The Spot” and anchored the boat for a little lunch break. Steve and Brenna got out to swim, while Molly and I got our picnic lunch ready. It really was a very peaceful spot.
After lunch, we continued up to the car bridge where several teenagers were jumping into the river below. After avoiding the falling bodies we proceeded alittle further to the popular fishing spot.
he current, at this point, had picked up. Brenna hopped out to dragged be behind the boat. After repeating this several times, we decided to head back. We were joined by a group of kayakers. Steve was willing to give up the rowing duties, and I was able to help (it’s much easier going with the current).
Thank goodness we were able to salvage part of our vacation.